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Backflow testing is the process of checking your plumbing system to make sure that drinking water isn’t being contaminated by dirty river runoff. Riverbeds, etc.,

This can lead to serious health risks due to unwanted flow in the reverse direction.

When this backflows occurs it usually mean there’s a major issue with one part clogged up another – so it’s important more than ever to get in a backflow testing specialist and get your plumbing system repaired.

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If you are concerned about backflow in your plumbing system, you may want to look at the place where water enters your property (usually either in the basement, by the water heater, or in a crawlspace). Your water supply may have a cross-connection that has the potential of allowing contaminants into your drinking water.

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What it Takes to Be Certified in Backflow Testing

Backflow devices protect your drinking water and help keep your family safe. You irrigation system uses a particular kind of backflow device that needs to be checked by a certified backflow testing contractor each year. Learn about what’s involved in becoming certified.

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