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The water heater is a necessary but often overlooked appliance in most homes. It’s important that it works properly, because without this key component of your home’s plumbing system you would have to rely on natural sources. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong with our heaters we might not notice until after some damage has already been done – like rust stains all over the bathroom due an excess amount of iron build up from lack-of use over time.

This eventually leads to corrosion causing more problems than ever!

Repairing Water Heaters is Easy...

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It can be very frustrating if your water heater suddenly stops working on a cold winter night when you are in the shower. Even worse, in some cases, you may need emergency water heater repairs to prevent fire risks!

In this kind of situation, you may need an emergency plumber for prompt repairs. That’s where our Cleveland Emergency Plumbing team comes in. Our services are available 24 hours per day, including weekends and holidays, and we will get you connected with an emergency plumber in no time.

In some cases, there could be major issues behind your malfunctioning water heater, so it is always best to call a professional for your water heater repairs!

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Electric Water Heater Repair In Minutes: STEP by STEP

IS YOUR HOT WATER HEATER NOT HEATING WATER? This tutorial will work for electric water heaters with tanks. For gas water heaters or tankless systems you will need to follow other tutorials. One of the most common ways an electric water heater stops providing HOT water is due to a bad heating element. Heating elements are easily replaced and so this video will focus on this common problem. You can tell if a heating element is bad without even removing it by simply measuring the resistance (ohms).

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